Who are we?

The Firm was founded by Nicholas Alexander, a US Navy Veteran and former Fortune 500 executive (GE, Comcast, Hertz). When engaged, the Firm will leverage its 20+ years of experience in operations, manufacturing, and employee engagement. Dr. Alexander's vision for the Firm includes:

  • reviving and revitalizing US manufacturing

  • increasing workforce utilization in underrepresented business zones

  • increasing diverse representation in the technology, consultancy and manufacturing industries

Partners from the beginning...

Our combined professional experiences, from multiple Fortune 500 companies, allows us to help you envision the future, learn from the past, and implement now

Production experts

US based manufacturer who works with clients to produce supplies that meet their needs today while helping you plan for the demand of tomorrow

Implementation specialists

We work closely with select clients to determine the most effect way to help transform cultures, improve operating results and provide the tools required to ensure your success